Palm tree (Arecáceae, Pálmae, Palmáceae) - monocot plant family. Roughly, there are185 genera in the family and about 3400 species. Area of natural habitat is tropics and subtropics. Thickness up to 1 meter (Jubaea), the height of 50-60 m (tseroksilon), also there are Climbing vines with stems 2-3 cm thick and up to 300 m length (rattan). Palm trees are widely cultivated and it is used almost all the parts of the plant: fruits, leaves and wood.

Our objects are made of Wodyetia genera or Fox Tail (due to the shape of leaves). It is a popular garden plant. It has almost geometrical precision. The trunk is perfectly straight, extended to the middle and  the bottom like a Baroque style column. Whole tree trunks are the material for our products. We use only the hand made and Balinese masters. You can understand it from the style of carving.