Teak wood properties such as resistance to moisture and insects allow its use in the harshest conditions. For example, teak is the best material for the flooring decks of ships. Teak was the material for the fishing boats in Indonesia for hundreds of years, sometimes it was used the whole trunks. The value of this material is raising with its age.

The combination of colors of a fishermen boat is really psychedelic. Moreover, the paint layers lie one on another, as you can see in the processing of our furniture. Typical coloring and the presence of ethnic elements of the boat can show you what island it belongs to. For example, only Balinese boats have the eyes and noses imitating the fish due to some religious traditions and the worship of the spirits of the ocean. The beach view of a fishing village always looks positive.

We tried to keep the colors and history of the material when we produce our objects.