Suar (Albizia saman) also known as Rain Tree, Monkey Pod, Saman, Cow Tamarind, East Indian Walnut etc. - a large tropical tree with beautiful evergreen leaves and small pale pink flowers. Typically reaches 15-25 m tall and has a crown diameter of 30 m and trunk diameter of 1-1.2 m. Quite fast growing tree (0.75 - 1.5 m per year).

Valuable wood in the furniture industry because of its strength, size, ease of handling and beautiful color.

It is an impressive view of massive suar slabs.

We spend long time to select the specific piece of wood for our suar furniture. Finally, the tree turned out to be from the island of Borneo (Kalimantan), it was cut and dried naturally in Bali for over two years to get an adequate quality. Then we give to our object the shape, the texture and the perfect combination with such materials as teak root and old teak.