Tamarind (Tamaríndus índica), tropical tree up to 20 m height and a trunk diameter of about 1 m. Native to East Africa and Madagascar but was cultivated in Asia for thousands of years BC. Better known for its fruits which are used in Asian, Latin American and even European cuisine. It is used as a spice and as a base for desserts.

Tamarind is considered to be an ideal material for furniture production due to high hardness and wear resistance. Hardness it is almost two times higher than the hardness of oak, wear resistance - 1.5 times.

The tree from which we made our piece was growing more than 200 years on the island of Borneo (Kalimantan) in Indonesia. Solid wood slab was brought to the island of Bali where was drying naturally for a further five years to become the perfect material. Then the masters gave it the shape keeping as much naturalness as possible and added few Balinese carving elements.