Teak (Tectona grandis) — tropical hardwood tree of species Tectona. Grows in the monsoon forests of South and Southeast Asia.
Teak s the legendary wood. The interiors of luxury yachts, the longest and oldest wooden bridge in Burma are made from teak. It was one of the strategic goods in the era of colonization. Well, as most of our furniture is made from teak.
Teak is the ideal material for furniture production. Properties such as moisture resistance allow the use of teak items in the bathroom, outdoors, in different weather conditions.
For our Minimalis collection we took teak from state plantations of Java island in Indonesia. Wood has the highest graduation A2. Then, primary processing and assembling has been made in the city of Jepara (the capital of furniture industry of Indonesia). After that, the collection got it's shape and the unique texture on the island of Bali. Almost all the production process is hand made and almost all of the items from the collection is the single copy. When we were creating these objects we wanted to show the beauty of natural materials and its combinations and tried to avoid the use of industrial elements. Therefore, for example, all the drawers are opened on a perfectly fitted wooden rails, handles are made of natural rattan.